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$tepping Up Your Business Without Stepping Out
By Business Breakthrough Coach Chris Chan
+ Plus, Get Access To Bonus Slides To Open More Regular Investment Cases When You Attend!
Speaker For This Webinar:

About Coach Chris Chan

Creator of Asia's #1 Referral Revolution Program and Business Breakthrough Coach

Chris Chan is one of Asia's leading mentors in wealth and success. As the founder of PPP Academy, he coaches the art of client acquisition and team recruitment.
With over 20 years of experience, he has made hundreds of his students millionaires. The systems and processes he has created have proven to yield results across industries, throughout the region.
Whether it's growing a team, growing a customer base or growing passive income, Chris has a method for it.

To achieve personal breakthrough, Chris developed a series of success practices. For high-performance techniques in the finance industry, Chris has another success system. More than 600 testimonials prove that Chris' models and systems work.
For this, he has earned him the title of “The Revolutionary Coach”. Whatever works for him, he imparts to his team and his students. Why? Because he firmly believes that people only become successful when they first help others succeed.
What You'll Learn In This Limited Time Webinar
Secret #1: How To Deal With Emotional Clients
Angry and angsty clients calling you because their portfolios just took a hit? Learn how what you need to do RIGHT NOW to manage them, and even open new cases with them immediately!
Secret #2: How to open cases even in a crisis
Every technique taught in this webinar will be applicable not just for this current crisis, but for every subsequent one. The full script to contact and fix an appointment will be revealed in this session!
Secret #3: How to close more cases now!
The most important, and also the most rewarding part of being a financial sales practitioner is ultimately closing. We'll give you access to powerful advisory models that have resulted in hundreds of our students closing drastically bigger cases!
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